The Wall

What is surrounding humans most of the time all their lives? People often don’t find it easy to answer the question. Well, the answer is actually simple. Walls. Walls surround us when we are born, when we grow up, when we are are at home and at work, when we are walking around our towns and cities. Walls come in all materials, colours and measures. They are omnipresent.

But there are not only physical walls that surround humans. Many people are surrounded by virtual walls of prejudice and misunderstanding. Many people have built imaginary walls to separate them from others and from the world they fear. Some people have even built imaginary walls to separate them from themselves.

So the artworks in this series are dedicated to walls. But other walls. Walls, which are not silent, but which tell stories, walls that are not cold, but have souls, walls that are not suppressing but give shelter. Walls that are connecting people with other people with themselves and with the world. Walls that show us who we are!

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